March 24, 2007


1979driving is an ebayer who has had the misfortune to have had their ebay account hacked when trying to shift this pink mini on ebay. Undeterred by the experience, 1979driving is back on the auction site, selling the dream of owning the “potentially nicest girlie mini around”.  Who wouldn’t want this coveted title?

I can see why this ebayer would find it necessary to explain why the ebay auction finished prematurely, however in the context of the picture, it just serves to conjure up more notions of vandalism. 

The vendor laments the “mockled” effect of the paint job. This was 1979driver’s 2006 personal pink winter project. It turned out to be a winter of discontent in more than one way when his wife decided she didn’t want to drive after all. Now the ebayer is marketing the car as a possible buy for the next “birthday” or “driving lesson”.  To me this isn’t a good image, particularly were I a driving instructor, but for those who dare to dream, it could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.  

Admittedly, the shade ‘Honda Jazz Inca Red’ aka ‘metallic pink’ is fetching, and the vendor’s admission is a refreshingly candid one, delivering a  salutary warning to ebayer buyers of the perils of the home paint job by highlighting some of the mistakes that can foil the dreams of the pink paint perfectionista. 

At approx. 51 pounds I guess you could afford to experiment…

Or for a starting bid of 700 pounds this 1980 pink mini is definitely worth considering.


I rather like the more pastel baby pink look of this 1991 Rover Mini Studio 2 in pink and white with a 1,000 pound reserve.


But in this week’s mini range on ebay, the ‘Flying Pig’, even if not technically a mini, is my favourite.

However it is a little road weary, and has at most travelled only 8 miles.  It has visited local shows and fairs, which must have been very very local. 


It is very cute, and perhaps the toy like charm enamours the bidders too.  Nevertheless it will never come near the Figaro, my all time favourite.



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