April 3, 2007

The pink think tank have been pondering the virtues of pink car parking spaces for women.

We have seen how popular pink taxi services with women only drivers have become in Russia, Japan and Germany, promising a safer driving experience for women. Such services are proscribed in England, where anti-discrimination laws require women to register to use them.

The pink intelligentsia in Bern Switzerland have devised a possible solution to the misuse by deviant men of women only designated parking spaces.

The idea behind having such parking bays reserved for women was to minimise assaults upon women getting in and out of their cars.

Being powerless to legally stop men from parking in them, officials have resorted to shocking tactics to dissuade men from using the parking bays.

Rather than rely on the pink militia to round up the parking miscreants, they have turned to the pink paintbrush.

The punitive power of pink appears to be the most promising solution. The average red blooded male is predicted to retreat from a parking spot decked out in pink and adorned with traditional female symbols like flowers. Pink purgatory is the ultimate form of punishment, so the theory goes.

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