Saleen Molly Pop Mustang

April 3, 2007


Steven Saleen’s daughter drives nothing less than a high performance pink customised mustang, the Saleen Molly Pop Mustang, as reported by Autoblog.

If Mary Kay can have a paint shade named after her, Mary Kay Pink Pearl Tricoat, why shouldn’t Molly join the privileged pink few and revel in the glory of this special honour?

Keeping it in the family, Steve’s wife Liz has a colour named after her, with Lizstick being an optional Saleen factory paint colour.

The Molly pop is a one off custom paint job, but then again Saleen specialises in offering their clientele cars painted in whatever colour their heart desires.

11 Responses to “Saleen Molly Pop Mustang”

  1. […] at PinkCarAuction (coming soon to a town near you) I did a piece on the Saleen Molly Pop Mustang driven by Steve Saleen’s daughter Molly. Posted in Uncategorized […]

  2. rachel Says:

    omg im in love.. how much is the saleen molly pop mustang? i must have it 🙂

  3. I love this hotpink mustang!!! its my dream car i live it sooo much!!

  4. i love that what how much is it ???????

  5. chels Says:

    i am in love, this is the nicest car i’ve ever seen, i want oneeeeeee 😦

  6. I think this one belongs to Molly.

    From what I understand Mustang has formed an association with BASF which specialises in innovative solutions for automotive refinishes.

    Saleen treats their paint colours as trade secrets, but there are about nine Saleen specific colours to choose from.

    If you do some searches you might find one that you like.

  7. I should have mentioned that Saleen prides itself on it’s unique custom colours, described as super glossy, metallic with reflective colours, not able to be captured with any justice by the best of photographers.

    Since 2008 the custom paint jobs have become an option for customers, but only the nobility, at around $18K for a paint job.

    If, like me you aren’t a member of the nobility, you might consider painting your own car pink. There are plenty of free resources, blogs to assist you.

  8. yaniani Says:

    this car is awesome is the best car in the world

  9. Charles Says:

    That is one sick as Mustang, you would never think Pink could look so good!

  10. Leandra renee Says:

    omg this is amazing (: i would love this mustang im getting my license soon too!!!!! <33 or a marykay car would be awesome too how much would that be..

  11. […] at PinkCarAuction (coming soon to a town near you) I did a piece on the Saleen Molly Pop Mustang driven by Steve Saleen’s daughter […]

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