April 4, 2007


For those who think that buying a car is a lifestyle investment which will always depreciate check out this article from Moneyweb.

There are some expert insights from auctioneers for investors looking to make some serious capital from their classic car investment.

Apparently anything from 1900 to 1977 can be considered a “classic car” although there will always be exceptions to this rule. At present an Alfa Romeo Spider or MG Roadster from the 60s and 70s are a good bet for those looking for some capital appreciation.

Whilst the vintage car market is booming at the moment, it all depends on how much money you have to spare. The same rule applies to the classic car market as to any investment market. Do some basic research. The authors recommend the acclaimed British magazine Classic and Sports Cars as a trusted source for valuation.

The1930’s luxury Bugatti Royale, which sold for 6.5 million dollars recently, according to experts, is apparently at it’s peak, whereas there is room for other cars to climb in value. Availability of parts is another factor to consider, and you may find it easier to source a car from the 60s locally at a reasonable entry price.

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