April 5, 2007


The armored version of the phantom luxury rolls royce limousine is the perfect state of the art must have accessory for that next diplomatic mission, corporate cavort or G8 summit.

Protecting leaders of the free and not so free world is a serious business requiring serious technology and engineering design.

Rolls Royce realises that ballistic integrity and high quality finish are of equal importance to the conspicuously wealthy but inconspicuously security conscious who like their vehicle to look indistinguishable to a ‘normal’ Rolls Royce.

The new armoured version of the Rolls Royce phantom promises to deliver enhanced security for customers with a profile that demands nothing less than exceptional standards of safe transportation. The car is built using state of the art army technology and is (European vehicle resistance standard) VR7 certified, the highest current international protection rating available.

Politicians, entrepreneurs and ambassadors alike can expect to enjoy the same levels of passenger comfort and luxury offered by the ‘standard’ version of the Rolls Royce as in the fortified version. Sheets of material comprising the most recent fibre composites and steel plating have been inserted under the panels of the car making them thicker, but the cabin has been redesigned such that the armoured version is indistinguishable from it’s counterpart.


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