April 6, 2007

Glasurit Classic Car Colors

Classic vehicle owners who cherish their classic car want any minor flaws and imperfections restored to the original colour finish.

However the original paint is usually not available commercially. Enter the Glasruit internet colour service, which was developed to find automobile colours that most closely matches the original one. Unveiled at the recent Techno Messa International Classic Car Show, the Glasruit Colour Car Service attracted a lot of interest.

Glasruit held the world’s largest archived database of mixing formulas for the original colours of all car manufacturers in Munster Germany, and have been providing professional advice and support to vintage car aficiandos. Renowned for years of colour expertise, Glasruit’s COLOR-ONLINE colour matching service, has been an indispensable tools for professionals in achieving the perfect refinish.

Until now, this was a well kept trade secret amongst classic vehicle owners.

The new internet colour search service, called Glasruit Classic Car Colours, helps owners find matching colours for the repair of almost any classic vehicle’s paintwork.

A valuable repository of colour information will now be available to the classic car enthusiast at, with the COLOUR-PROFI system providing an insight into the history of automobile colours. The original colour samples show what the car might have looked like originally and there is a comparison made to what the colour might look like after years of weathering.

Glasurit Automotive Refinish, eco-efficient waterborn basecoats and high solids paints, are also approved by most of the leading car manufacturers for aftermarket repair worldwide.*9bcp3s_

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