Ford customisable LED lighting

April 6, 2007


People love options in cars, particular when it comes to colour. Henry Ford once promised customers any colour they wanted, as long as it was black.

Now any Ford Mustang owner can personalise their car with customisable ambient pink lighting, symbolising the retro-futurism of the new generation 60’s inspired Mustang.

Just as you can surf channels on your global satellite radio, you can now shift yourself along the colour spectrum to attain high fidelity colour.

The My Colour TM option, which first featured in the “Interior Upgrade Package” of the 2005 Ford Mustang, allows the driver to configure the color of the instrument panel lighting to tailor it to their individual tastes.

Mustang owners can mix, match and colour co-ordinate with the touch of a button, creating hundreds of colour background schemes.

If you happen to be blessed or cursed with more personalities or moods than Imelda Marcos has shoes, there is no limit to the permutations and combinations you can attain with the technology. This is because Ford has secured the rights to the technology from Colour Kinetics, a thriving technology firm

The colours, set against a striking backdrop of aluminium panels could turn your instrument panel into a modern day pinball machine if you are feeling a bit nostalgic.

Not only does the licensing deal entered into by Ford with Colour Kinetics enable Ford to offer Mustangs with the MyColour instrument panel lighting system, it allows them to use intelligent colour control systems on the exterior of the vehicle.

More significantly, the licensing deal covers every single patent held by CK, meaning Ford can enable customers to manipulate and customise the lighting on any of it’s vehicles in an infinite number of ways. This applies not only to the interior accent lighting, but may one day even extend to novelty exterior lighting themes.

Armed with a few designs in UV and a splash of light, I wonder whether you would be able to change the appearance of your car, so that a disappearing Hello Kitty logo could morph into a macho orange flameball the next. That would be perfect for the shared family car.

The next logical step would be to make a gadget, call it ‘the chameleon’ and equip it with a colour scanner that you could swipe over your latest dress, piece of bling bling jewellery or mobile phone, download it and use it to render your car the same colour.

Imagine celebrities being able to camouflage their vehicle through the use of colour to evade the paparazzi. One day perhaps we will have the technology to change the pixels on a whim.

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