April 6, 2007

Looking for the perfect gift for the newly engaged or newly wed? You can’t afford a pink coach service or limousine for the bride and groom. Here is the next best thing that won’t break your budget.

This gorgeous little wedding car money box is unique and looks very shabby chic.

Awash with pink and green flowers this White Lace and Promises ™ wedding car money box provides the newlywed the opportunity to save every penny for that first house.

The number plate reads “Mr and Mrs” and the back of the car is appropriately emblazoned with the words “just married”.

The incentive for saving is enough incentive in itself, but everytime a coin is dropped into the car, it plays the wedding march.

This gorgeous little wedding car is made of ceramic and is a unique gift available from Gifts Australia and is a must see. Pictured at and available for $44.00.

Buy two or three, as in forty years time, these little mementoes may be rather full.

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