Classic car 1930 Ford Model A

April 8, 2007

The stock market crash in 1929  and the onset of the Great Depression had a serious impact on the automobile industry.  The 1930s was the era of the used car, with many automobile brands disappearing around this time as automobile output dropped dramatically from 1929 to the 30’s.


1930 Ford Model A deluxe rumble seat roadster convertible  is positively charming.

Other  Ford Model A’s up for sale on ebay  are this 1931 Ford Model A Coupe pictured below.


and this 1931 Model A Ford Victoria Leatherback in maroon looking majestic in burgundy, red striping and new tan vinyl bonney top.


Below is Ford’s first attempt at mass production of a Model A station wagon in 1929. The bodies comprised of maple wood and could fit up to eight passengers.  The wooden bodied Fords didn’t have a long legacy.


In the 1930s automobile manufacturers were still offering more sophisticated and  opulent vehicles for a select and fortunate few who still lived in luxury sheltered from the battering effects of the Great Depression.

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