Classic pink Nissan Figaro

April 8, 2007


This princess pink Figaro is a charmer, but I can’t help but return to this page.

My favourite car, the ever so quaint Figaro is a picture of elegance and fun.

Other colours like mint green, pale aqua, Diamond Black, Rolls Royce Red, and Pistacchio Green are to die for.

Pink convertible Figaro


nissan_micra_cc_pink.jpg   This car, the  Nissan  Micra C + C is the  only car that approaches it in style IMHO.

One Response to “Classic pink Nissan Figaro”

  1. The pink nissan figaro is not an original colour of course but very highly sought after all the same. The figaro is a 1991 retro classic and now extremly sought after in the UK. Trendy chics have decided to create the version in Pink and although production ceased in 1991 the Figaro lives on and many take a less than perfect condition fig and re colour it to a barbie pink….gr8!

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