Pink idog ipod with personality

April 8, 2007

This is an ipod with 70 different personalities, and even a ‘personality back up’ that endures even when you remove the pooch’s battery.  The previous pink iDog, pictured at the link below,  has been superseded with a new silver model which boasts all of the above features.

Sega Toys Japan have produced a puppy in the form of an iDog that you can lovingly rear and watch blossom depending on what music you feed him/her. 

You plug him into your mp3 player, ipod or mobile phone with a cable and this will feed him and keep him sated.

Sharing your music and partying with iDog is said to be a very personal experience, and you and iDog can share your experience with the rest of the world via his/her speakers.

Motion sensors on him/her tell him when he is being stroked, patted, or reprimanded, and in turn iDog will signal how he/she is feeling with the flashing of coloured lights.

Unconditional love is guaranteed through this special relationship, as iDog will apparently compose a song and play it back to you depending on your mood. Being an astute listener, and able to distinguish between music and people, iDog is sensitive to how to respond to you.

If you aren’t a natural don’t despair as iDog comes with an iDog manual.

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