April 12, 2007


Stangchick’s pink mustang is a masterpiece, and I am sure anyone who owned a car like this would be proud to show it off.

Stangchick confesses to being so lesbian with the much coveted 2006 pink striped mustang.

Her stang is a vision to behold and can be viewed both at the link below and on Candy’s MySpace.

Candy located a Fisher Price toy convertible car which looks suspiciously similar to her ‘trademark pink’ striped car.

Meanwhile there is still a lot of talk about the pink striped limited edition Ford Mustang about to be released. The word is that white, black and one other coloured car will be adorned with pink stripes on the outside. Ford Mustang Pink Rocker Panel Stripe kits are being sold on ebay

Diana DeGarmo, the 2004 American Idol runner up, owns a with a bright pink stripe and pink gauges.

If you are out of the market for a car like Candys, you could always economise by going to Toys R Us and snapping up the toy version.



  1. jassim abdullah Says:

    whant car???

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