April 15, 2007


The Hello Kitty Fresh Kiss Breathalyser doesn’t check whether you or your felonious feline companion have had a few too many to hit the road. Neither is it intended to ensure your feline companions don’t run away from your bad breath.

Rather it ensures you (and not your kitty) don’t have halitosis before your next date or meeting with that all important client.

By blowing on the sensor, Kitty-chan’s face will emerge on the screen with either a smile or a wince, giving you an approval rating from one to four.

Hopefully you are somewhere on the spectrum from one to four, and don’t break the Hello Kitty bad breath barometer.

Critics will no doubt point out that there is some strange disconnect in the marketing and the product, because obviously Hello Kitty doesn’t in fact have a mouth. However, perhaps they have missed the point that the device was meant for human consumption, and that Kitty’s foremost concern is for their breath.



  1. That’s a neat product.

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