April 15, 2007

The friendly stylish visage and presence of the Mini has been a powerful reason for it’s phenomenal sales success and almost cult like admiration.

Unmistakeably chic, unconventional and cheeky, the new MINI, built upon cuteness, poses a formidable challenge to other contenders in the cute car market.

Automakers are vying with one another to add a distinctive cute dimension to their cars to court and capture the female market.

MINI enthusiasts would say the MINI makes Hello Twitty look positively personality free, and nullifies any threat from possible new entrants to the cute car market like Disney and Warner brothers.

In 2007 in the UK, the number one market for MINIs, 11,568 new MINIs have been sold, an increase of 16 per cent over the same period of 2006. 700 MINIs are built a day at the Oxford plant, up from 300 in 2001. However, almost 80 per cent of production is exported.

Saturday 14 April saw the unveiling of two additional models to the second generation MINI range, the Mini One with a 1.4-litre petrol engine and the MINI Cooper D diesel.

The classic exterior design of the new Mini communicates and reinforces the iconography of the brand, whilst evolving to provide contemporary luxury and comfort. A newer lighter engine and smoother transmission makes for superior performance, speed, agility and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Personalisation and fun styling is a key theme in the new generation mini, promising an amazing buying experience for MINI afficiandos, with a total 337 possible exterior combinations and 264 interior colour and trim combinations.

The roof comes in optional black or white roof, with 20 decal designs. Five new colours are available in mellow yellow, oxygen blue, sparkling silver, lightning blue, and nightfire red. The Mini Cooper S is also available with in exclusive dark silver or laser blue.

There is an optional lights package incorporating ambient illumination, where the colour of the interior lights in the roof lining, door storage compartments and grab handle recesses can be changed via a toggle switch in five stages from warm orange to sporting blue, depending on personal taste.

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