April 17, 2007

If ever there were a worthy cause it would have to be this. This ebayer is understandably lamenting the sale of his unfinished pet pink project 5litre commodore.

He has just finished the most interesting part to all of us, the metallic pink with purple pearl paint job.

Having invested a lot of time on this project, the vendor wants it to be lovingly finished.

We should all sympathise with his plight as he has been cited by his girlfriend for a major infraction. She “constantly feels the need to kick it” (the car that is) because of the time he has spent with it.

Although we, as females, understand the vendor may be prone to embellishment and this statement is no more than puffery, just looking at the car, I trust the vendor developed a strong attraction to it.

It is generating quite a bit of interest on ebay, so I am sure the vendor has his ‘get out of jail free’ card from his female companion.

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