April 17, 2007


It was only a matter of time before someone would bring out a variation on the much maligned pink car kit from, put the word ‘shabby’ in front of and sell it to the shabby chic brigade.

But get the marketing pitch behind this pink tool kit with a difference.

“Who needs a man when you can have this fantastic tool kit”?

…..The “shabby 18 piece pink tool kit” is touted as the perfect gift for “the newly divorced person who has EVERYTHING” (emphasis added, except presumably a shabby pink tool kit)

It has everything you need to do things around the home with like hanging pictures (presumably not of the ex).

It comprises a hammer, tape measure, spanner, flat bladed screwdrivers, shears, pliers, slimline torch, cutting saw blade, gloves, batteries, paper and pen and even a bandana.

Shabby pink functionality wrapped up in style in a pink aluminium case!!!

You even score a 20 page instruction booklet on each of the tools and directions for common household tasks from assembling flat packed furniture to repairing

Get it for yourself, before your friends buy it for you. The perfect pink tool kit to consummate your divorce with and/or use it on your ex if he comes back.

But wait, there is a frenzy of activity on the pink tool kit scene.

For a different angle try the 105 piece Ladies Pink Steeltec Toolkit for ladies who want to get that job done with their own tools. ….”You’ll never have to use his tools again. And you won’t have to worry about him using these tools. He wouldn’t be caught dead using a pink-handled tool!!”


Scour the pink planosphere and I am confident that you will find a smorgasbord of coveted pink tools for every corner of the female market.

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