HOT PINK convertible Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

April 27, 2007


The iconic beetle spawned a number of other popular and not so popular cars ranging from ‘the thing’ to the Karmann Ghia, the latter being compared, but not without controversy, by some commentators to a classic Porsche Speedster. Even it’s staunchest critics belie a grudging admiration for this car, condemning it as a  fun summer toy for the typical quirky car adorant. 

I can feel a Figaro Fugue state coming  over me as I ponder it’s virtues as the ultimate in the charming quaint classic car category.

Manic panic induced Figaro obsession causes me to become totally underwhelmed by anything less than a Figaro, but this elegant beetle mutant is a serious contender in the charm stakes.  

 Volkswagen contracted with German coachbuilder Karmann who then struck a deal with the Italian company Ghia giving birth to a gorgeous sports car.  It delighted Executives at Volkswagen, not surprisingly because the consumer became instantly enamoured with the curvaceous-ly sleek  design of the stylish street cruiser.   

Could you forget Molly Ringwald in her pink Karmann Ghia in Pretty in Pink.

The colour of this little number is custom Porsche color Karmenratt – described aptly by the vendor as a fuschia cum cerise cum hot pink color.

Divine classic restored Karmann Ghia …this is truepink cloud stuff..

We can forgive this heavenly aquamarine 1966 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia for the unspeakable sin of not being pink. Rebuilt by Vince Belino with a new interior you can feel yourself cruising along the coast in this ‘Convertible’ with white top.

When is a convertible not a convertible? When it has a hard top! Apparently ebay selected the title convertible by default according to the vendor.


This is the real deal convertible in a kind of atomic tangerine/orange that like totally causes you to consider buying a car that isn’t pink, from ebay vendor “slugbug72”. I am getting a subliminal message from the vendor’s name imploring me not to bid, as I would be slugged with too much to be in the race…..


……and in  the pink of the night… is a black 1969 Volkswagen Convertible Karmann Ghia in midnight black to die for…


However am I supposed to make a choice amongst these..

Maybe I should pick an ebay name, slugbug72, rallypag2003, diannewilder99 or august7th. This is even more problematic but alas, I am problematising my existence for all are the stuff of dreams at the present time, until the team here at PinkCarAuction seal  that next billion dollar web 2.0 deal.

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