Moguling behind phoenix like rise of sites

April 28, 2007

When I studied Indian history Moghuls was the term to refer to the Mongols who conquered India, establishing an empire until the British came and plundered the sub continent.

 The word mogul/moghul is also used to a powerful or influential person or force.

But a phoenix based tech company has trademarked the word ‘moguling’, and it is being touted as a revolutionary way of monetizing web sites by focusing on domain name optimisation. 

Moguling is predicted to be the ‘next big thing’ on the internet.

 ‘Dot Ventures’, a Phoenix based technology company claims that moguling uses both blogging and internet marketing techniques to effectively “spike” the value of an internet domain name. 

By using ‘moguling’ one can apparently carve out their own lucrative piece of virtual real estate.

Moguling has been credited with causing sites to rise Phoneix like from the ashes (or out of nowhere) to contend with the leaders.  The technique is said to be responsible for the meteoric rise of some websites which have leveraged the quick traffic and high ranking achieved by blogs

The rationale goes something like this.

Google privileges blogs, which garner traffic and rise in rankings much faster than websites.

Moguling is premised on a person  creating a website and running a blog from it.  The idea is to heavily promote the blog by a range of techniques including providing high quality rich and timely content to attract search engines. 

Whilst the original domain name from which the blog was run isn’t intended to make money, a popular blog will be ranked favourably by Google, causing a quick rise in value. The domain name can then be onsold by domain name speculators at huge profits. 

The conventional wisdom was that one builds a website and  tries to develop it by building it around that domain, using search engine optimisation techniques, programming and website development to improve it’s ranking and appeal .

The moguling theory dictates you develop your blog as a matter of priority and leverage it, but in the final analysis Google still needs to see you.

 The success of the strategy will therefore still depend on achieving good positioning from your blog, building your website around it and retaining the blog as part of the site. Good content has and will will always be necessary to achieve supremacy.

Once ‘moguling’ has served its purpose in inflating the value of the domain, many will sell it off rather than retain it.

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