April 28, 2007

When is a bean bag not a bean bag?

When it is worth $600, has speakers in it and is called a slouchpod

Oh, and a list of specifications including a 10-watt RMS subwoofer.

But you can plug anything into the chair, including your mp3 or laptop….

Hold that thought! I’ve just had a pinkcarauction-ista like epiphany and am off to scour the pink planosphere in search of an mp3 chair. Maybe not

What about a chair for chairs? Or a chair for beanbags, slouchpods or gaming machines? Maybe not. What about a beanbag for the gaming machine? Maybe not. A beanbag with a plug for pink hair straighteners? Maybe not.

Back to the proverbial pinkcarauction drawing board. I console myself daily by reminding myself that much like Inspector Clousseau solved crimes serendipitously, my serendipitous pinkcarauction pink elephant/cash cow marketing schemes are only serendipitous failures. If at first you don’t succeed try and try again!!…and you shall fail, but only serendipitously if that makes any sense.

As I have mentioned (on more than one occasion now) the Pink Panther’s pink health drink and other business ventures failed not through a lack of prowess, rather they were foiled by several cruel twists of fate. A salutary lesson for a would be pink car auctionista whose lack of success can only be attributed to similar cruel twists of fate like getting stuck in a revolving door in a University down under

Nothing like a slouchpod to get the budding entrepreneurs creative juices flowing

Surely if they can flog these at $600 a piece to UK backsides I can get a pink car auction site off the ground. On second thoughts, perhaps I could produce slouchpods for Japanese backsides. I am confident that there is bound to be some regional variation in the backsides of even couch potatoes

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