April 28, 2007

Dina MacPhail joins the legion of successful business women marketing to the needs of women’s goods and/or services.

We have been inundated with a whole range of pink tool kits from the plastic fantastic brigade.

Dina MacPhail believes there are other ways to capture the female market than to market products saturated in pink and bling bling. Dina has been an avid power tool collector and carpenter since she was a little girl.

Over the years, Dina has identified a problem with male power tools. Her hands often don’t spread far enough over the tools and many are too heavy for her to lift and easily manoeuvre. Women (generally speaking) have smaller hands and less upper body strength than men, so it makes sense that females would want more female friendly power tools.

She has identified a gap in the market and a niche business, namely power tools ergonomically designed for women.

Marissa McTasney is another woman who noted the growing number of women in the DIY market, particularly single women renovating their homes, and launched ‘Tomboy Trades’, a line of workboots and tools for women.

Dina believes that females want more functionality than a coat of hot pink paint on a plastic hammer will give them.

She recently launched ‘Tomboy Tools’, a range of versatile, light and easy to use products, marketed through a tupperware party distribution model from her Canadian based home. Sales have quadrupled since 2004 when she started the dynamic business.

She is out to prove to those who think that tools are boys only toys that they are wrong, and that women are frequently doing heavy duty jobs singlehandedly.

Dina knows this from the turnout at her seminars ‘Women and Power Tools’, and Dina has a waiting list to prove it.

Marketing to women in a ‘boys club’ type market can be a perilous task.

Ford were reluctant to drench their testosterone powered Mustangs with a coat of Playboy Pink out of fear of alienating their male customers. They opted for a pink dilution solution in the form of candy coloured stripes for their new Ford Mustang.

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