May 2, 2007

55_glasstop_motortrend.jpg 1955 was an exciting year for car enthusiasts when vibrant fancy new two tone models including the glass top ford crown victorias came onto the market.  The Crown Victoria glasstop became the jewel in the Crown, and will engage the memories of many baby boomers.

fordfairlane.jpgThis car was typical of the dream car of many who were dazzled by the the  55 Crown which outshone many other 55 model Fords. Previously the models were called Ford Crestline, but were re-named Fairlanes, after the name of Henry Ford’s not so humble place of abode,  ‘Fair Lane’. The cars featured a stainless steel band midway across their roof.

The automatic pink and white 1955 Ford Fairlane pictured above is up for auction  on ebay by ldj427 and is sure to evoke memories for those who hungered for one of these stylish two door hardtop convertibles. 

 The auction is generating a lot of interest with 20 bids!!


 Photo of 55 Crown Victoria….


Turquoise and white was just as popular as the coral  pink …


Check out this 1956 Ford Fairlane  Crown Victoria …


Or go for  a baked enamel pink crown 55 Vic  diecast …


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