May 6, 2007

The jailing of Paris Hilton has sent shockwaves through the free world.

Sympathisers are vicariously suffering as evidenced by the free Paris type response to her jailing.

The free Paris movement has been matched by Paris prison blogs looking to cash in on the latest celebrity sound byte.

No doubt there will be a lot more ‘would be’ paris penologists and prophets on the Paris circus circuit, weighing in with their prized opinions on every aspect of Paris’ prison plight.

Paris will be deprived of her usual ‘accourtements’ (make up, clothes), and we can only speculate as to what Paris would look like in orange garb. Naomi Campbell inspired a fashion rage with her prison stiletto boots. Paris’ privations will no doubt create an assortment of strange paris prison paraphernalia, merchandising/ebay opportunities and new talk stars sharing their collective wisdom about the minutest detail of the saga from the sidelines of life.


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