Weird ebay auctions

May 6, 2007

Liam Thorpesbutton, ebayer vendor ‘Jo3198’s’ imaginary friend proved unpopular with ebay bidders, and was passed in at bargain basement 1 pound. (discounting postage).

The auction listing isn’t a statement about consumer culture, rather it highlights the difficulties of offloading an imaginary friend, even on ebay.

The opinionated imaginary friend apparently parted ways with the ebay vendor after a difference of opinion on who would pay the window cleaner.

There hasn’t been any relisting so I am assuming he hasn’t been found or reclaimed. Unless of course there has been a reconciliation.

On a more serious note, the emerging world of ecommerce does give rise to some difficult questions. Entrepreneurs have put their souls on the auction block. Nobody has raised the question of what recourse either party would have were the sale to fall through for one reason or another. What would happen if the soul were not delivered properly, was damaged in transit, or came back return to sender? Would the seller have a right of repossession, or more relevantly, what if the seller never had the right to possession of the soul in the first place?

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