Council worker’s seedy sex scam

May 14, 2007

Wade Friar a Paramatta Council Worker is reported to have ruined his career in a seedy brothel sex scam.

The public may be shocked to learn that he received countless favours to turn a blind eye to illegal brothels and massage parlours.

But this is all old news. Yesterday it was Police. Today it is council officers, and not to mention Politicians, businessmen, lawyers, doctors and other so called respectable members of society who both prey on and exploit women for financial gain in this lucrative business.

The abuses of women and young girls that occur in legal brothels are in some ways worse than those that occur in unregulated/unlicensed ones.

There is a price to pay for women in both, and the public is ignorant of the billions of dollars that are made from the exploitation of women by those they would think of as pillars of society. 

Women have been known to have been abused, trafficked in and blackmailed by those who seek to control and permanently muzzle them from speaking about their plight. Their pimps are often respectable suits and uniformed officers working  hand in hand with those who subjugate them.

Women  in these professions, whether working of their own  free will or enslaved by males are permanently disenfranchised from society, and have been banished from public and professional life for fear of the secrets they may tell about their clientele, their keepers and law enforcement officers.

I don’t have sympathy for this man, but this is a familiar story.

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