Human face of technology or Cybermistress – The VISO digital interactive face

May 24, 2007

You discover he is having an affair with a woman who smiles, winks and responds to his every movement or command.

Could it get any worse? 

Can you compete with an automaton?

For the affair is not just a cyber affair on a computer, but with a computer, if it makes any difference. 

Perhaps you fancy having a Viso yourself as a substitute imaginary friend or companion, except one that you can kind of programme.

The VISO digital interactive face  definitely falls into the ‘I’ve always wanted a digital screen with a face whose eyes follow me round the room and whose movements mirror mine’ category!!!

Don’t be surprised when you look in the mirror and see someone else other than yourself. The VISO isn’t meant to be for those who like to see their own reflection, rather it is to provide an interactive emotional experience with a virtual persona.

Techeblog As the observer approaches, the face advances towards him/her as in a mirror; if he/she leans to the right or the left, the creature’s eyes follow him/her. If the observer speaks, the woman’s mouth moves in the apparent intention to murmur something, and if he/she touches the image on the screen, the mouth, eyes and eyelashes react to this contact with the fingers

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