Nespresso Limited Edition Sparkle Pink Essenza

May 24, 2007


If you don’t own a ‘sparkle pink essenza Swaroski crystal studded espresso machineyou clearly havn’t lived..

It is guaranteed to wake you up one way or the other!! This is seriously bejewelled fashion sparkle. The Nespresso Boutique Coffee Bar has 100 of these limited edition machines for sale, and a visit to the luxurious French architect designed outfit seems like it would be an experience in itself.

3 Responses to “Nespresso Limited Edition Sparkle Pink Essenza”

  1. Biene Says:

    I have to sell such a Swarowski-Nespresso Machine – so if anybody wanna start “living”…

  2. laura Says:

    Me interesa informacion como acceder a la compra
    de caferera nespresso swaroski cristales rosa,

    por sistema de subastas , adquisicion en directo, etc.

  3. Ms. K Says:

    I WANT ONE!!!!!!

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