In the 1980’s Geoff Edelsten, entrepreneur and doctor, was married to a young glamourous model called Leanne, and was accused of living a wild, vulgar and profligate lifestyle. His wife and he lived in a 6 million dollar mansion and lived a pink champagne existence, but he swears the legendary pink helicopter he was reputed to have bought her as a present never existed.  But others assert the pink helicopter deal was part of the cabaret lifestyle the VFL’s first private owner lived.

Leanne apparently liked pink so what Leanne liked she got. Perhaps Leanne was an early version of Paris Pink who, like Barbie, was occasionally seen in orange. Well at least Barbie drove an orange beetle even if Barbie never had a career as a prisoner, a fact which in itself probably deserves some further exploration on another day.

Soon a boutique pink airline will be launched, designed especially for women. Customised pink planes will be the vehicle of choice for “shopping breaks to Paris” with pink champagne and complementary manicures.

The rough rule of thumb is improve the product offering (and the price) of every consumer item on the planosphere to women by drenching it in Mary Kay pink.

But although there are pink laptops, televisions, playstations, mobile phones and other paraphernalia Blackberry are yet to come in pink,,2098154,00.html

2006 Smart For Two Passion Pink Edition….my favourite next to the  Figaro

Looks like all the pink cars to die for are in England!!

Pink Renault Megane Sport Coupe