ebay personality liquidation

June 5, 2007

Scoured the attic for things to sell, read all the books on trendspotting and still come up with zilch as to what to sell on ebay?

How about an imaginary friend, imaginary life, your credit card rating or …..if you are in a buying mood and have always wanted a personality grab your virtual shopping cart and buy yourself or a friend in need a Collectable personality

Kimbaspec is offloading a one owner collectable personality on ebay. Its evident some ebay vendors aren’t content to just license their personality, but are prepared to part with their precious persona wholesale. (and remember this isn’t a Sotheby’s auction, so don’t expect a Sotheby’s personality) 

It begs the question what does an all inclusive personality actually include?The add doesn’t really say and isn’t exactly loaded with personality. Either that or Kimbaspec needs a better ghostwriter or an ebay trading assistant.

From one perspective, Kimbaspec’s personality liquidation is a salutary reminder that we live in a disposable world, a Toffler-ish throway consumer society.

But lets not get too carried away with the shameless capitalism thing

The whole listing is a bit dodgy if you ask me. This doesn’t even look like a professional scam artist job. In fact, its rather pedestrian, not to mention thin on content.

Getting down to the fine detail, (always a sure sign you are getting value for money on ebay), we have no specifications, no registration papers, title guarantee, returns policy, or preparedness to accept trade ins.

The unsuspecting ebay bargain hunter could be fooled into thinking they are getting a bargain basement personality for a bargain basement price. But how do we really know the said personality has clear title, what kind of shape it’s in and that its had one owner.

No mileage. No log book, service record, performance indicators..certainly doesn’t look like a high performance add from a high performance personality

Kimbaspec is prepared to state that this is a “collectable” yet what credentials does kimbaspec have? 

Alarm bells should ring when you see another “urgent sale” from another one of those ebayers who is going “overseas”. If you are in the market for a personality and think its worth getting ripped off, you’d want it to be for a champagne personality. But there is not even an attempt to offer a mildly creative ‘ebay reason’ for the sale of this gem. eg its been languishing in grandma’s attic for years now, doesn’t fit /too big/small/outgrown it, NQR, OTT, upgrading etc.

There is also some internal consistency. If this commodity ‘will travel with you wherever you go’ as the listing suggests, why leave it behind?

Sounds either dodgy or very tragic. It could be subject to repossession, stolen merchandise or maybe even listed in the lost and found classifieds.  For those hoping to snap up a personality theres a great idea!! Look in the lost and found, and you might even pick one up or even reclaim your own. Rent one before you take the plunge into unknown waters. Buying the wrong personality could have catastrophic unforeseen consequences.

At the end of the day what do you get for your money?

A local personality currently resident in Melbourne, hardly bourgeois, and maybe not even on the right side. May not be very worldly if its only able to be picked up.

No accessories. No lifestyle, soul, social network, job or business comes with this item, and although you’d probably pick these things up elsewhere on ebay, there are still compatibility issues. Doesn’t sound like kimbaspec is living a stereo digital/hi-fidelity life.

In summary we have a zero feedback rating probably from an ebayer with possibly zero personality (if that need be said).

What self respecting ‘collectable’ persona would put no price on their own personality, or worse still fail to offer it in pink?

By the time you purchased some self esteem you’d could be paying a small fortune.

No T-shirts, events rights, paraphernalia, product reviews.

‘Pick up is preferred’, no options for postage, and it isn’t even downloadable.

Not a good look kimbaspec.

2 Responses to “ebay personality liquidation”

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