The ebay feedback system seems to work fairly well as a sign of trust for buyers and sellers on ebay.

But for high ticket items like cars, the average person doesn’t sell a car a day, so they aren’t likely to have a high feedback rating from this activity.

Ebay Motors offers to cover a buyer’s losses up to a certain threshold if their purchase turns out to be fraudulent or where the buyer has engaged in some dishonest misrepresentation to the degree to which the buyer suffers a loss.  This is likely to offer some solace to buyers who are concerned that they may be scammed by a disreputable seller.

Volkswagen Sales are strong in China and expected to grow

German Volkswagen Group are optimistic in their forecast that they will sell 800,000 cars in China, spurred on by the Olympic Program for Beijing 2008. This makes it the top seller in the Chinese market. 

Their chinese strategy involves a combination of introducing new models to the market by 2009, improving sales and service networks and also cutting costs by 40%.

Through it’s JV with First Automotive Works Corp  in Changchun its alreading producing Jettas, Audis and Golfs and aims to introduce new models such as the VW Mangotan aka the Passat to capture the more sophisticated end of the market.


2006 Hot Pink Mini Cooper Convertible

It is  4 Cylinder, has  AC, anti-lock brakes, Harmon Kardon sound, CD changer and cruise control. Clocked up 10,800 miles.

Of course you need to arrange insurance, a condition report and if outside the State, transport.