Hot pink Mini Cooper Convertible ebay auction

July 8, 2007


2006 Hot Pink Mini Cooper Convertible

It is  4 Cylinder, has  AC, anti-lock brakes, Harmon Kardon sound, CD changer and cruise control. Clocked up 10,800 miles.

Of course you need to arrange insurance, a condition report and if outside the State, transport. 

33 Responses to “Hot pink Mini Cooper Convertible ebay auction”

  1. tiffany schultz Says:

    wow. this car is just what i want. what state? and how much?

  2. daniella aristides Says:

    Hi, how much is this car?

  3. oh my god!
    that is so hot
    how much is it?

  4. Breana Says:

    oh my God i love this how much you want for it?? 30,000??? email me back

  5. pino Says:

    wow… that is an amazing car… i will buy it if u want to sell it… so crazy…

  6. Please let me know if the car is for sale. I am very interested. Or if you can get me one just like it. I love the Min’s and this is exactly what I am looking for. I live in Candada and I am not sure where you are located. I am not sure if you have a dealer that you work with here or what I need to do and documentation to clear Customs in Canada this is very new to me. Please contact me as we are in need of another vehicle and this is my pick for sure

  7. Laura Says:

    wow i love this car please can you tell me where abouts you are if you are selling it and how much for? Thankyou xx

  8. ashley Says:

    how much n where is it

  9. younes Says:

    it really so sweety
    i wannaa know how much price it >>>>>>>>

  10. Erin Waller Says:

    Oh Mi Daizz This Car Iz Fitt

  11. I am in Australia and I just scour the pink planosphere looking at cars I like and posting about them. It was for sale, no more.

  12. Heatherlynn Says:

    Hello, my name is Heather. I’m very interested in purchasing this car. I’m willing to trade in my Chevy Malibu for it if you’d like! MIni Coopers are my Dream car, and nothing would be me feel amazing then having a PINK one! Please email me if you have time, i’d love to talk to you more about it. Thank you.


  13. Sorry, I don’t own it or know the person who does. I just got it off a website.

  14. Suzy Says:

    This car ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! How muh is it and where?

  15. Annsley Says:

    if you can please e-mail me the price on the car i would really like that. Beause i am very interested in bying it and if i can get the gas mileage on it please. i need the gas milage so i can make an offer on the car.

  16. Lauren Says:

    I have always wanted a pink car! I will do whatever I can to get a pink car! This one is so cute!

  17. Zu(: Says:


    ii really want it u________u

    its really pretty :33

  18. suzan Says:

    Thayt car is too cute!
    my baybii would love thayt!
    where on earth can i get my little hands on one of those?
    please tell me the dets! thanks dollface!

  19. Sanam Says:

    I am selling my Pink Mini Cooper S. It is a 2005 hatchback with a black roof.

    Please email me for pics and specs:

  20. chantelle Says:

    how much is this car??

  21. chantelle Says:

    oh and i would like to know where it is please

  22. Amy Says:

    omg,this is lovely! can you let me know where you got it please and how much is it? x

  23. francesca Says:

    salve….vorrei sapere a quanto ammonta il prezzo di quest’auto..
    sarei davvero interessata!!

  24. michellesatterwhite Says:

    oh my goshhh!!! i NEED this car! how much>

  25. lily Says:


  26. meimei Says:

    I want this car,,,,,,,,,so good
    sssssssssooooooooo nice ,,,,,

  27. Sorry this is not my car to sell.

    I just happen to like Minis.

    The Mini was sold by an ebayer.

    Its hard to believe the Mini has turned 50, yet each incarnation, the Mini Cooper Convertible/Coupe being no exception, thrills mini freaks and devotees. It is the ultimate in a cute, funky soft top car.

    The 2010 Mini Convertible is to be released in January.

  28. Amit Says:

    Wao…. Its too good.How much for this?

  29. click Says:

    I tried viewing your website on my new iphone 4 and the format doesnt seem to be right. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cell phone layouts are not working with your site.

  30. Jossie Says:

    This car is just what i want… How is it? What state? Thanks.

  31. Jossie Says:

    This car is just what i want… How much is it? What state? Thanks.

  32. Madison Says:

    Omg i would do anything for this car!!!!!!! Please email me!!!

  33. Larry Benzel Says:

    Looking for a Pink Mini convertible for a commercial in Los Angeles if you know of one call 818-469-0364

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