2003 Mustang Coupe Barbie Pink

August 8, 2007


Rblautogroup is pitching this 2003 Metallic pink Mustang Barbie Coupe at the most “discriminating buyer”, and judging by the bidding, there is frenzied bidding by these discriminating hopefuls.

Also included in the listing is a picture of an American flag, to denote, no doubt the American origins of the Mustang and/or as a tribute to Barbie’s origins.  

4 Responses to “2003 Mustang Coupe Barbie Pink”

  1. Kellie Bush Says:

    where can i get a car like this? how much do they cost

  2. melia Says:

    i love that mustang, it is my favorite year of a mustang!!! very cute!!!!!!!!!!

  3. stacie Says:

    this is a very cute car but its a little to pink

  4. chelsea casady Says:

    I love the pink mustang!(: I want A 2003 mustang Coupe Sooo bad, I’m turning 16 next year and i have been doing everything i can to convince my family to get me one, but i would have to get it painted the pretty Barbie pink, anyways love love love this car && would do anything toohave it, your a spoiled Girl(:!

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