Mercedes Benz 3 wheeler

August 8, 2007


This week’s trip down memory lane into Benz automobilia history reveals the first automobile patented by Karl Benz, a very light weight three wheeled Patent-Motorwagen. three wheeled Patent-Motorwagen now a museum item of historical  interest only.

 It may seem absurd to some to build a three wheel vehicle instead of a four wheel one, with the benefit of hindsight, but any physicist will see the intuitive appeal and logic behind a three wheeler.  You could go 10mph in this little chariot with it’s water cooled engine which you revved up by spinning a flywheel!!

By the beginning of the 20th century many autmobile manufacturers tried their hand at building the supreme automobile, but whose names were consigned to the annuls of time.

At this point in time the company was still called Daimler Benz until wealthy European entrepreneur Emil Jellinek started selling these beauties to his rich European clientele.  His famous orders were conditional upon the cars being named Mercedes (or Maria de las Mercedes Jellinek to be precise), after his favourite daughter, giving birth to the brand Daimler-Mercedes.  The name Mercedes is derived from the Spanish Christian name meaning ‘mercy’.

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