BMW StreetCarver skateboard

August 9, 2007

Its called the   StreetCarver and its not just an expensive accessory like a handbag.

It is a fully functional ultimate driving machine, with design engineering excellence, in the form of a skateboard and a price tag of $1250. This is exactly what every well heeled skateboard fanatic wants in a skateboard. 

BMW is certainly brand oriented and this represents an unusual shift in brand extension.

As you will see from these pictures and design specifications, it has all the BMW technology you could want for those aged 12 years and upwards.

Leave the car, scooter or bike at home and jump on your skateboard.

4 Responses to “BMW StreetCarver skateboard”

  1. juan vinuesa Says:

    Hello bro i wanna buy bmw street carve i am live in miami what is the price answer quiqly please i have 150 or 200 dolars please y wanna carve quiqly Bie bie ….. Thanks

  2. adele pace Says:

    Hi, I presume you know about skateboards and longboarding. It is really big and really heavy. Although it was called a skateboard, the BMW StreetCarver, produced from 2001-2004 is a fairly expensive longboard and pretty rare.

    They have a lot of parts, 21 pieces for one wheel, so parts may be harder to come by. Some people see them as collector’s items, and there are some customised streetcarvers.

    Ideally it is best for cruising or carving on gradual inclines from a safety point of view. Whilst the turning radius is fantastic due to the engineering at low to medium speed, you can’t swivel very fast.

    Best analogy is a surfing snowboarding experience but on asphalt. The deck has some of the same construction material as a snowboard. As you probably know technology has evolved and there are some newer versions available that are a bit lighter but use similar engineering technology.

    It really depends on what your needs are. Read some reviews before buying for use. Assuming you are old school longboard and understand the product’s design features, history and limitations, you’d probably likely find one from ebay the quickest. They come up every now and then for sale. There is one for sale now on

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