Mercedes Benz E Class 2010 sneak peek

August 9, 2007


The redesign of the 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class , code named W 212,  is already underway and preview shots have been appearing of the design changes which are intended to impart a more dramatic look to the model to differentiate it from it’s predecessor which has been on the market since Autumn 2003.  Various shots have been taken in the snow fields of Scandanavia and more recently during hot weather testing in the  Emirate of Dubai.

They do appear to be rather subtle, with major design changes being apparent in the front end, which boasts more square headlights,  being more angular, mean and aggressive. The other discernible changes are found in the rear taillights.  

Otherwise it retains it’s classic elegant and conservative appeal.   Styling cues are said to be borrowed from the CLS four-door coupe. It is set to officially debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show along with the BMW 5 series and 8 new models from Volkswagen, and lots more.

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