Pink Hummer Limousine Hire

August 9, 2007


 Another  Pink Hummer Limousine Company.  Apparently this is one of the most sought after Hummer by the Europeans.

Although  the playboy girls do suggest a particularly exotic kind of service which may appeal to the male variety of species and the Hen’s Night girls look more like Bachelor Party hosts.

4 Responses to “Pink Hummer Limousine Hire”

  1. sallyanne Says:

    where are you situated and can i hire the pink hummer limo for my wedding in november this year at newcastle nsw australia please reply asap ..

  2. Pink Hummer Limousine Hire is the best suited for my wedding car. The service they provide is best of all. For a wedding special or anyother special day the Pink Hummer car hire have no comparison. I liked it very much.

  3. simone Says:

    information on renting a pink car n the cleveland ohio area.

  4. simone Says:

    information requested on renting a pink car in the cleveland ohio area

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