Spock search in cyberspace

August 9, 2007

People searching is big business these days and venture capitalists are backing new people oriented specific search engines.  After all, they comprise 30% of general searches on major search engines Yahoo Yahoo and Google

What is so different about spock, the latest search engine which differentiates it from   wink  and others which went before it?  

Spock is an acronym for “single point of contact of people through keyword”, and was launched in beta version yesteday.

Like Wink and ZoomInfo, it also claims to be people oriented,  spidering the net for all  data about a person, it’s algorithms aggregating all publicly available data into one spot, which should please privacy advocates and those concerned about cyberstalking. 

Spock have grander ambitions than just to spider social networking sites, rather their stated aim is to index every single person on the planet with 200 million profiles already.

When someone does a search for ‘John Smith’ they will retrieve information on ‘John Smith’ Astronaut, Teacher, etc etc as many people share that name. The idea is that the correct information for each John Smith will be assigned to that particular entity. This is to be accomplished through both algorithmic and human edited tagging.  By using metadata extraction Spock tries to find out who a document is about once it is located.

The two main user groups have proven to be recruiters and employers seeking information on one another.

Spock draws data from MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 sites, and extracts what ‘it’ considers the most important information.

If you aren’t important enough to have been picked up by Spock then you can create your own profile and manage your image.  

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