Fly Pink airline dubbed ‘brothel pink’

August 11, 2007


Women only taxi services, parking bays, insurance policies…..and now airline services perhaps with female pilots only in a no male fly zone. (no pun)

Pink planes, flights to paris, pink champagne and pink carpet treatment….what became of this boutique airline called Fly Pink

Perhaps it never got off the ground? 

Well, the update is that the customised fleet of pink planes is up and running. I guess the battle for gender equality has now been truelly won. So now women can experience their entire day in pink even when in the sky.

Hopefully the planes will show up with high visibility on the pink radar whilst women are in pink cloud heaven having their manicures done.

Want to own your own pink Delta airline?  The B-757-200 Song Airline BCRF PINK Plane is available on ebay.


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