August 11, 2007


Hello Kitty is reputed to have been born in 1974 and weighs what three apples weigh. 

Yet it appears that Kitty is endorsing Hello Kitty Diet Pills which seems pretty drastic not to mention ironic for a kitty with no mouth, who is purportedly still in third grade (after 25 years).

It is a concern that not even Kitty is immune from the pressures of stardom,  although had anyone been more aware, they would have noticed that Kitty has a distinctly oversized head compared to her dimunitive body.

I wouldn’t have thought Kitty would have had any trouble squeezing into her Diahatsu Hello Kitty Mira car.


3 Responses to “HELLO KITTY ANOREXIA?”

  1. haeli hansen Says:

    i change my reply, this is actually the stupidest thing i’ve ever read. honestly….

  2. chihiro Says:

    everythink can be true .nobody knows the true just the author . But maybe isnt a raison . Thinkk it…is a kitty that got for pet another kitten and a hangster …are just picture without sence for little girls .NO A DILEMA UNIVERSAL ! And the bratz got to big head with little body ! And nobody say nothing are just pictures the skinny models are the bad example ! And skinny shop maniquis and famous people ! And insults ! All telll you YOU MUST BE ALIKE THIS »|

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