Accidental Jesus sells for more than $1,500 in online auction.

August 13, 2007

As reported here

The vendor of this smear of sealant says they didn’t  consider the image to be  a sign or miracle, but got a contractor to excise it from their driveway, whack it on ebay, and sell it for $1529.65 to a person of the faith who thought it resembled Jesus Christ. 

I think it would probably take more faith to believe that than it would that the said image was an image of Jesus Christ.

 A picture is worth a thousand words they say. 

What is the lesson?  Lessons are soon forgotten and it is all about perception.  People forget Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich went for $28,000 on ebay.

 Next time you back out of your  driveway, get out and examine the tire treads to see whether somebody might make out an image of Maria. Examine your toddler’s fingerpaintings with more care in case they produce an apparition of a holy figure.

Or depending on what kind of day you are having, take a few snapshots of yourself in the mirror, in case you strike a pose which takes on a biblical look or someone who someone else might think you look like. Odds on there is someone out there, sad to say, that thinks your image is worth paying for.

One Response to “Accidental Jesus sells for more than $1,500 in online auction.”

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