Bling bling Hello Kitty

August 13, 2007


The Neko Maneki doll is one of those ‘one off’ wish list must have Kitty products intended for that spare $66K you have sitting around.  Encrusted with 62,000 Swaroski crystals its no wonder they call the Maneko Neki a good money fortune symbol in Japan.

You’d be buying this necessity for the Kitty of course just as you’d buy a fancy canine residence, the Kitty Dog Housewith a pillow in the shape of Hello Kitty for your pooch.  


The beloved little dog looks just as enthusiastic as this tortured cat decked out in this special edition hello kitty costume you bought for her of course. The Hello Kitty version of My Fair Lady.

5 Responses to “Bling bling Hello Kitty”

  1. Sam Says:

    Is that really Velcro dressed up?

  2. konny Says:

    jeg vil ha den var så snill jeg ber deg jeg bertaler deg

  3. chiara Says:

    davvero carina

  4. stacie Says:

    wow hello kitty for the cats a little to overboard

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