Pretty in Pink Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor 1998

August 13, 2007


 Custom House of Colour Candy Pink & Purple Blend Mercedes convertible for sale in the Trading Post in NSW.

12 Responses to “Pretty in Pink Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor 1998”

  1. maxine gizzi Says:

    how much??

  2. rikki Says:

    how much for it?

  3. Raee Says:

    How much, still for sale?

  4. Eta Says:

    how much? please contact me

  5. babeeehhh Says:

    siicckkeee mateee! lol

  6. robin Says:

    how much 4 it

  7. Douah Says:

    how much 4 it

  8. tri ckya Says:

    a penny!!!

  9. j.spencer Says:

    Is this for sale? If so, please contact. Very interested in purchasing.

  10. joi Says:

    this car sexy i want one

  11. taliyah Says:

    What’s up i want this car nowwwww, how much is it 8322309530

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