Shocking pink designer Taser guns

August 20, 2007


We have seen a smorgasbord of products aimed at women, pink taxi services, pink tool kits, pink parking spaces for women only,  pink women only airline services…..the list goes on.

The latest women consumer oriented designer accessory is a sleekly designed  Taser C2 Series Gun which you can count of fitting into that Gucci purse. 

A Taser to die for!!!!

Most importantly, it is available in four designer colours, Black Pearl, Titanium Silver, Electric Blue, and Metallic Pink, all of which deliver a 30 second incapacitating energy surge.

It is likely to affect more than the colour co-ordination of it’s intended targets.  

  We are talking a 50,000-volt electric jolt that short-circuits brain signals.  Marketing executives are betting on the elegantly sculptured resembling a female electric razor, capturing the ‘shiny shiny’ female market.  Whilst Penelope Pitstop was known to use her compact pussy mobile and  accessories to outwit those wicked males,  I don’t think that electricity was part of her arsenal.

Hopefully the 10 minute activation process which will enable civilians to use the gun has some kind of intelligence test that detects short circuits in the neuronial networks of the brains of recipient consumers, particularly feckless and fickle women mobile phone consumers notorious for only buying their preferred mobile phone if available in hot pink.  

 It isn’t known whether the pink version is extra shocking or whether Sanrio will partner with the maker of the Taser to produce Hello Kitty Tasers.

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