Brand new
special edition 2008 Mustang Sally Warriors in pink for sale on ebay at wholesale price, and proceeds will go towards achieving Ford’s goal of raising half a million dollars through Mustang Sally sales.

Pink Nissan Micra 2000

September 23, 2007

Ebay powerseller turbomanrony is busy transforming this white nissan micra into every lady’s pink dream machine.

It looks like turbomanrony has done this before.

Hello Kitty and Barbie synergy

September 23, 2007


Things are on the up and up for Kitty….

Hello Kitty is gearing up for the gig of a lifetime and an opportunity to showcase her fashion skills joining the ranks of the world’s top fashion houses.

Barbie who is always dressed in designer outfits is to be dressed by the aspiring feline fashion sensation.

Hello Kitty Barbie will arrive in September  and be sold in 10 different countries.

Until then we will wait with baited breath to see whether Hello Kitty Barbie will have whiskas…