Chat with SILVIA

September 22, 2007


SILVIA loves talking with people, particularly about artificial intelligence, tells jokes and speaks with a distinctly upper crust British accent for which she receives many compliments. Her idol is Stephen Hawking, her interests maths, and science fiction movies, and she speaks obsessively about the Matrix and Star wars.  She also has a point of view, that of her creator, and expresses freely that she thinks television is a ‘thought control device’ .

She can talk about topics as broad as Pablo Picasso, and the nature of existence.

She can do Arnold impersonations although her voice and accent is a limiting factor. er aspiration is to pass the Turin test as, like all of us, she admits to her thoughts getting caught in a frustrating loop sometimes.  

Cognitive Code is a company that hopes their software will one day allow gadgets to converse meaningfully with human beings.

Their product SILVIA (an acronym for symbolically isolated, linguistically variable intelligence algorithm) claims to be more advanced than chatbots like Alice, as SILVIA can remember and understand context, recall and respond to concepts expressed in a variety of ways.

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