Pepto Pink Bugatti Veyron

November 2, 2007

pink_veyron.jpegPink Bugatti Veyron

Pepto pink hood and  panels with pink and purple camo side panels.

 High powered pink performance and street legal.

7 Responses to “Pepto Pink Bugatti Veyron”

  1. nuala Says:

    would you have a colour code for the lighter pink in that picture

  2. Pepto pink I love it

  3. aracelis Says:

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  4. CARFAN Says:

    Who ever paints a car this nice pink, should probably be shot! And when I mean shot, it should be a slow death. This is just horrible.

  5. Brian Says:

    Interesting whats next A pink Mustang with all Brand New mustang parts that there daddy bought unfair

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