Candy pink purple pearl BMW 1998

December 1, 2007

Candy pink purple pearl BMW on sale from Toowoomba
The House of Colours paint job makes this BMW a knockout. The Toowoomba BMW has a sunroof, woodgrain trim and cream leather.


31 Responses to “Candy pink purple pearl BMW 1998”

  1. dan..... Says:

    hey hope the sale goes good for ya ….. i usta own the beema …still looks hot !!!!!!!!!

  2. alondra Says:

    is this still for sale????????

  3. Shannon Says:

    Hey how much for beema ,


    umm yess love the car soo cute and PINK!!!!
    where did u get the paint job done and around how much.i’m think bout getin a simple paint job done like that.

    plzz e-mail me at
    my name is brittany bird

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  6. Eta Says:

    How much for the car???
    please get back to me ASAP

  7. Eta Says:

    I am really interested in this car!!!!!
    if its still for sale please contact me at
    with some info…

  8. Amber Says:

    also me with info please!

  9. CORi Says:

    I love it.
    Very interested.
    I currently own a blk 2000 bmw 323ci and really want a pink one.
    Please email me with details =]

  10. nen Says:

    im intrested in the car can you email and let me no how much i want to pay cash

  11. sara Says:

    hi i reay li ur car can i have it

  12. sara Says:

    hey i wld lve ur car

  13. Louise Says:

    I saw your car advertised in car sales and fell in love! I’m looking for a new car although i’m a few months off buying one yet!
    I was hoping you could tell me how much it cost to get the paint job done and where it was done?
    (P.s my email is

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  15. Amber Says:

    I saw this car and fell in love with it. Is it still for sale? If so how much. Please get back to me.

  16. simon Says:

    I have a hot pink BMW 328 convertable I’m selling….any takers???

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  18. Karen Says:

    Hi, can you tell me if this beamer is still for sale and whats the selling price. Thank you

  19. wendy Says:

    hey im veryyy interested in this car can u please email me the info( price, mileage, pick up) everything please thanks you soo much

    i will look forward to your email :]
    thank you

  20. gina marie Says:

    i want this car. please email
    thank you

  21. sherkina Says:

    how much is it

  22. sherkina Says:

    i wanna get one

  23. Antra Says:

    Omgosh is this car still for sale?
    please email me

  24. stacie Says:

    not a very cute car

  25. danielle Says:

    loveee this car with my life how much were you asking?

  26. i am always looking for cheap car sales show in our area and i always find a bargain*:,

  27. is this car still living? still for sale? where located? how much is the sale of this car?

    Reliable Buyer

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  29. Abel Says:

    Nice and practical details. I am going to sign up to your blog site. Thnx. keep up the excellent work

  30. Hannah Says:

    How much is the car?

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