Metallic Pink Diahatsu Sirion

December 1, 2007

Metallic Pink Diahatsu Sirion  hatch is going for $9350 neg in Queensland……gorgeous!!!!


If it breaks the budget you might consider this Diahatsu Sirion 1998 model for sale on ebay  although it is hail damaged and being a repairable write off is not registrable in all states. pinksirion.jpg

No comparison …except the $10K price differential. A sub-compact car, aka a super mini the Sirion was launched in 1998 and has undergone various upgrades since, under the names of Toyota Boon and Diahatsu Passo, but is still known as the Sirion in European markets.

For the Diahatsu lover who isn’t fixated on a Sirion this little Diahatsu 2000 Diahatsu 2000 seems like good value with a buy it now price of $1,000 as long as all it needs is a bit of cosmetic work. It may not be pink, but that isn’t fatal. Besides you could always give it a lick of pink paint.


For those who like to be noticed, pink isn’t the only car that will turn heads. Feast your eyes on this 1996 Diahatsu Midget  

diahatsumidget.jpg   These were classic cars and the fifties versions are difficult to find.

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