Pink Barbie B2 MP3 player

December 9, 2007


The Barbie B2 MP3 player

Immoman’s new mp3 player, aka B2, will come in a hot pink clamshell design complete with mirror to check your make up and retouch that lippy.

……..and more importantly of course it has an MP3 player in the lower segment.

The B2 has yet to be released, so there is much speculation about it’s dimensions and overall look and feel.  have offered their vision of the future generation of barbie mp3 B2 touchscreen users,  colourfully characterised as a “dystopian fembot horde”  pictured below.


One Response to “Pink Barbie B2 MP3 player”

  1. angie wilde Says:

    dear barbie dolls march 10 2008

    barbie closet barbie books box 1 barbie movise dvd box 1 barbie pillow seat ken dolls sikpper dolls barbie baby barbie little boys barbie sorry
    sikpper cloths ken clots barbie baby cloths barbie clock barbie quite barbie Bed pink

    i love you angie wilde

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