Pink Limousine Bus “The Bitch” for sale

January 4, 2008


When is a pink limousine bus called ‘The Bitch’ ‘The Bitch’ not a Pink Limousine Bus?

When its a pole dancing club business opportunity being sold out of Liverpool.

Gotta love ebay!!

Now everytime I take the bus I will be thinking of the opportunity cost of using a bus as a bus to transport people who are without wheels.

4 Responses to “Pink Limousine Bus “The Bitch” for sale”

  1. Shaun Says:

    Tell me all about the pink bus you have for sale.

  2. nicky Says:

    can you show me more pic’s please

  3. Lucy and katie Says:

    We were just wondering what makes this bus ‘bitchy?’ what is on the inside of the bitch?

  4. It isn’t mine for sale, and as for what makes the bus ‘bitchy’ you’d have to peer into the minds of the creative geniuses who named it.

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