Britney feeling blue, thinking pink

March 14, 2008

Britney is reported to be feeling blue and thinking pink


I don’t know what Britney feels like to have lost custody of her children.

It is probably easier to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all so they say.

I have been trying and desparately wanting a child since I was as young as Britney. Its been a long period of yearning, hoping, feeling bent, misshapen and forlorn.

Unfortunately, due to a misdiagnosis, the best Doctors/Gynos overlooked something so simple in my partner which makes me a livid shade of pink.

There is no cloud with a pink lining without Paris Hilton like pink currency to go overseas. There is no adoption for practical purposes where I hail from.

Needless to say, as gorgeous as all of the cars I’ve written about are, I’d give up a fleet of  pink cadillacs, volkswagens, bugattis,  houses and  gadgets to make that distant dream come true.  I’d paint myself any shade of pink and write about anything pink 24/7,  cars, gadgets and even wigs.

The  obvious question is why someone might write about all things pink and the many other mindless in such a maniacal fashion?  I’m a little melancholic at the moment,  but I suspect it is some form of pink sublimation to hasten the slow but invariable descent into madness.

Britney is a mum.  I have the best mum in the world,  and if I could be just 10% as good a mum as my mum,  I would be very proud of myself.

My favourite pink car is the one that isn’t a car and isn’t even pink if the truth be known.

My idea of a Rolls Royce is a child to love and cherish.

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